Mastering Networking: Unveiling the Online CCNA Course with A7 Security Hunter in Rohtak City

Unlocking Networks: Your Path to Success with Our Online CCNA Course


In today's interconnected world, networking skills are essential for professionals in various industries. Whether you're aiming to advance your career or seeking to enter the field of IT, mastering networking fundamentals is a crucial step. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our online CCNA course, enriched with A7 Security Hunter expertise, designed specifically for learners in Rohtak City. Let's delve into what makes this course a game-changer for aspiring network professionals.


Why Choose Our Online CCNA Course?



Comprehensive Curriculum: Our CCNA course covers everything from networking basics to advanced topics, ensuring you have a solid foundation in Cisco technologies.


Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in networking and cybersecurity, including A7 Security Hunter insights to reinforce security best practices.


Hands-On Labs: Gain practical experience through hands-on labs and simulations, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.


Flexibility: With our online format, you can learn at your own pace, from anywhere in Rohtak City, making it convenient for working professionals and students alike.


Career Opportunities: A CCNA certification opens doors to various career opportunities in networking, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure, providing a pathway to success in the rapidly evolving tech industry.



Course Highlights:


Networking Fundamentals: Understanding TCP/IP, OSI model, subnetting, and routing protocols.


Cisco Technologies: Exploring Cisco routers, switches, VLANs, and inter-VLAN routing.


Network Security: Implementing security measures such as access control lists (ACLs), firewalls, and VPNs, with insights from A7 Security Hunter expertise.


Wireless Networking: Configuring and troubleshooting wireless networks using Cisco technologies.


Network Troubleshooting: Developing troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve network issues effectively.


CCNA Certification Preparation: Tips and strategies for CCNA exam preparation, including practice questions and mock exams.



Why Rohtak City Learners Should Enroll:


Industry-Relevant Skills: Gain skills that are in high demand in Rohtak City's growing IT sector, enhancing your employability and career prospects.


Local Support: Benefit from local support and guidance, with A7 Security Hunter insights tailored for Rohtak City's unique networking landscape.


Networking Community: Connect with fellow learners and professionals in Rohtak City's networking community, building valuable networks and opportunities for collaboration.





Our online CCNA course, enriched with A7 Security Hunter expertise, is your gateway to mastering networking fundamentals and launching a successful career in IT. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or an aspiring cybersecurity expert, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's digital world. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock your potential in networking!


Ready to embark on your networking journey? Enroll now and take the first step towards a rewarding career in IT!

Course Info
Embark on Your Networking Journey: Explore Our Online CCNA Course

 Module 1: Network fundamentals


  • Explain the role and function of network components.
  • Describe characteristics of network topology architectures.
  • Compare physical interface and cabling types.
  • Identify interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, mismatch duplex, and/or speed.
  • Compare TCP to UDPConfigure and verify IPv4 addressing and subnetting.
  • Describe the need for private IPv4 addressing.
  • Configure and verify IPv6 addressing and prefix.
  • Compare IPv6 address types.



 Module 2: Network access


  • Configure and verify VLANs (normal range) spanning multiple switches.
  • Configure and verify inter-switch connectivity.
  • Configure and verify Layer 2 discovery protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP).
  • Configure and verify (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel (LACP).
  • Describe the need for and basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol and identify basic operations.
  • Compare Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes.
  • Configure the components of a wireless LAN access for client connectivity using GUI only such as WLAN creation, security settings, QoS profiles, and advanced WLAN settings.



 Module 3: IP connectivity


  • Interpret the components of the routing table.
  • Determine how a router makes a forwarding decision by default.
  • Configure and verify IPv4 and IPv6 static routing.
  • Configure and verify single-area OSPFv2.
  • Describe the purpose of the first-hop redundancy protocol.



 Module 4: IP services


  • Configure and verify inside source NAT using static and pools Configure and verify NTP operating in a client and server mode.
  • Explain the role of DHCP and DNS within the network.
  • Explain the function of SNMP in network operations Describe the use of Syslog features including facilities and levels.
  • Configure and verify DHCP client and relay.
  • Explain the forwarding per-hop behaviour (PHB) for QoS such as classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, shaping.
  • Configure network devices for remote access using SSH.



 Module 5: Security fundamentals


  • Configure device access control using local passwords.
  • Describe security password policies elements, such as management, complexity, and password alternatives (multi-factor authentication, certificates, and biometrics).



 Module 6: Automation and Programmability


  • Explain how automation impacts network management.
  • Compare traditional networks with controller-based networking.
  • Describe controller-based and software-defined architectures (overlay, underlay, and fabric).
Enrollment Information:

Class Mode: Online And Offline
Duration: Flexible scheduling options available.
Location: Conveniently located in Rohtak City.

Embark on a Journey of Networking Excellence: The CCNA Experience

In the fast-paced world of information technology, networking stands as the backbone of connectivity, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across the globe. At the heart of networking certification lies the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), a credential revered for its rigor, relevance, and industry recognition.

The CCNA Advantage

Aspiring network professionals embark on the CCNA journey to master the fundamentals of networking, gain practical skills, and validate their expertise in the field. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional seeking to expand your knowledge or a fresh graduate eager to enter the world of networking, the CCNA certification offers a pathway to success.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The CCNA curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from networking basics and routing protocols to network security and automation. Through hands-on labs, simulations, and real-world scenarios, candidates gain a deep understanding of networking concepts and technologies, preparing them for the challenges of today's dynamic IT landscape.

Industry Relevance

Renowned for its industry relevance, the CCNA certification aligns with the latest trends and technologies in networking, ensuring that certified professionals are equipped to tackle real-world challenges head-on. Employers worldwide recognize the value of CCNA certification, making it a valuable asset for career advancement and professional growth.

Career Opportunities

CCNA-certified professionals unlock a world of career opportunities across various industries and sectors. From network administrators and engineers to cybersecurity analysts and cloud architects, the CCNA credential opens doors to diverse roles and responsibilities, empowering individuals to pursue their passion and achieve their career goals.

Community and Support

Central to the CCNA experience is the vibrant community of professionals, trainers, and mentors who provide guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the certification journey. Whether through online forums, study groups, or networking events, CCNA candidates have access to a wealth of resources and expertise to help them succeed.


In an era defined by connectivity and collaboration, the CCNA certification serves as a testament to one's commitment to excellence in networking. By mastering the fundamentals, gaining practical experience, and joining a thriving community of professionals, CCNA-certified individuals embark on a journey of networking excellence—an adventure filled with growth, opportunity, and limitless possibilities.

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