Learn Online Penetration Testing With KLSFP Certification
KLSFP Certification Specialties

✅ 99.9% Practical Experience
✅ Most Recent Attack Method
✅ Evasion Techniques & Breaching Defenses
✅ Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation
✅ Black Box Penetration Testing
✅ CTF Web Server Network
✅ Create Own Linux OS & VULN VM
✅ Master Msfvenom
✅ Master Meterpreter
✅ Master Metasploit
✅ Master Vulnerability Exploit

Basic Computer Knowledge
16 GB Ram
Fast Internet Connection
16GB USB Device
Zoom Application
Skype Application

Class Specialties

Class Live 101
Per Day 1-2 Hr
Duration 3 Month

KLSFP is an international certification for black box penetration testers. The certification is granted by the Hacker Computer School.

To become certified, candidates must pass an exam that tests their knowledge and skills in penetration testing. The exam covers topics such as identifying vulnerabilities, gathering information about targets, conducting attacks, and reporting findings.

The KLSFP certification is a valuable credential for security professionals who want to show employers that they have the skills and knowledge to conduct effective penetration tests. Candidates who are interested in pursuing this certification can find training programs offered by various companies and organizations.
KLSFP - Kalu Linux Security Fighter Professional Penetration Tester Certification

Create Hacking Lab
Windows 10 | 11 | Server 2022 | Kali Linux | Ubuntu | Mac | Android | IPhone

Kalu Linux Lab -

Basic Linux Command
Linux Service
Linux Package Update
Web Service
Persistence Service Management
Bash Shell
Bash Shell Lab1
Bash Shell Lab2
Bind Shell And Reverse Shell (Wire-shark)

Passive Information Gathering
Google Search
Google Hacking

Active Information Gathering
DNS Enumeration
Forward DNS Lookup
Reverse DNS Lookup
DNS Zone Transfers
TCP Connect Scanning
UDP Scanning
Nmap Port Scanner
Network Sweeping
Nmap OS Banner Discovery
Nmap NSE Script
SMB Enumeration
Nmap SMB NSE Scripts
SMTP Enumeration
SNMP Enumeration
Network Scan

Hardware Firewall
Firewall Bypass

AUX Modules

Vulnerability Scanning
Windows -  7 | 8 | 10 | 11
Server - 2012, 2022, Ubuntu, Centos

Exploit Client Side Vulnerability
Windows 10 Exploit
Windows 11 Exploit

Exploit Server Side Vulnerability 
Server 2012
Server 2019
Server 2022

Client Side Attack WAN

Generate Payload  For - Windows | MAC | LINUX | Android | IPhone | Web

Windows 10 Exploit
Mac OS Exploit
Linux Exploit

Android Exploit
IPhone Exploit

Meterpreter Expert
Basic Command
Session Time Increase
File Upload
File Download
Execute Program
Record Audio
Watch Target Via Web Cam
Meterpreter Script
Track Covering Attack
Netcat Attack

Post exploitation attack
Take Admin Privilege
Collect USB Device Information
Collect Browser History
Collect Partition Information
Recover Delete File On Target PC And Download
Search Admin Account On Target PC
Redirect The Target From To Any Website
Stealing The Stored Passwords Visited Websites
Hack System For Life Time
Collect Wifi Network Information

Privilege Escalation Windows & Linux

Social Engineering Attack
Pharming Attack
Phishing Attack

Buffer Overflow Exploit
Linux / Windows


Password Attack
Passing The Hash

Wireless Network Hacking
WEP Exploit
WPA Exploit
WPA2 Exploit

Advance Attack
Email Bomber
CISCO Switch Jam
CiSCO Switch DHCP Attack
Dos/Doss Attack

Design Vulnerable Lab
Like Hack The Box
Try Hack Me
Vulnerable Lab

Advance Attack
Process Injection and Migration
Advanced Antivirus Evasion
Bypassing Network Filters
Kiosk Breakouts
Microsoft SQL Attacks

MITM Attack
Arp Poisoning
MITMF Badfactory Error Remove
ARP Spoofing Using
Session Hijacking
DNS Spoofing
Capturing Screen
Capturing keystroks
Injecting Javascript_HTML Code

Bettercap -
Transparent HTTP(S) Proxy
Password Sniffing

Play Any Sound In The Target
Capture a screenshot
Redirect Webpage
Run any YouTube video Target Web Page
Stealing the target online
Use Metasploit

Bug Bounty [Web Application Attacks]
a. SQL injection
b. CSRF Attack
c. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
d. ClickJack
e. HTML Injection
f. File Inclusion
g. Parameter Tampering
h. Host Header Injection
I. URL Redirection
j. SPF And Etc.

Active Directory Attacks
Exploit Server With Active Directory
Active Directory Enumeration

Remote and File Sharing Service Attacks
SSH | RDP | SMB | PsExec | Telnet | FTP

Attacking IoT Systems
Firmware Analysis

Cobalt Strike Framework Pro
Post Exploitation
Covert Communication
Attack Packages
Spear phishing
Browser Pivoting
Reporting and Logging
KLSFP is a Certified Penetration Testing Professional program that will teach you how to perform an effective penetration test in an enterprise network environment. If you've never worked with a flat network before, our live practice range will teach you to take your skills to the next level by teaching you how to pen test IoT systems, OT systems, write your own exploits and more. You'll also get access to advanced binaries exploitation and double pivoting instructions if you want to penetrate networks and collect intel from the innermost segments of it.

The heart of the KLSFP program is all about helping you master your cyber pen testing skills by putting them to use on our live cyber ranges. The KLSFP ranges were designed to be dynamic in order to give you a real-world training program, so just as targets and technology continue to change in live networks, both the KLSFP practice ranges and exam ranges will mimic this reality as our team of engineers continues to add targets and defenses throughout the course's lifetime.
What Makes The Certified Security Fighter  Professional Penetration Tester  (KLSFP) Unique?
Learn online web application penetration testing with KLSFP certification
Learn cobal strike peneration testing with klsfp certification
learn antivirus bypass method with kksfp certification
become a black boxt penetration tester with klsfp certification
learn  privilege escalation attack with klsfp certifiation
learn how to bypass network security with klsfp certifiation
learn advance network attack with klsfp certifiation
learn iot hacking with klsfp certifiation
learn active directory exploit attack with klsfp certifiation
learn advance os attack penetration testing with klsfp certification
learn post exploit attack with klsfp certifiation
learn how to create vuln machine with klsfp certifiation
learn how to create penetration testing report with klsfp certification
learn advance level web penetation testing with klsfp
learn metasploit framework penetation testing with klsfp certification
learn advance level buffer over flow attack with klsfp certifiation
upgrade your skills with klsfp lab
learn how to perform process injection attack with klsfp certification

Online Penetration Testing Live Classes 101

KLSFP offers online penetration testing live classes that are interactive and instructor-led. The class curriculum is designed by penetration testing experts and covers the latest tools and techniques. Students will learn how to conduct a black box penetration test, identify vulnerabilities, and exploit systems. The course also includes a 100% practical lab where students can practice their skills. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a KLSFP international penetration testing certification.
Who Is It For?
✅ Information Security Analyst/Administrator
✅ Information Assurance (IA) Security Officer
✅ Information Security Manager/Specialist
✅ Information Systems Security Engineer/Manager
✅ Information Security Professionals/Officers
✅ Information Security/IT Auditors
✅ Risk/Threat/Vulnerability Analyst
✅ System Administrators
✅ Network Administrators and Engineers
A Hands-On Exam Like No Other.

20 Days will define your Pen Testing career KLSFP is a fully offline practical exam that challenges you through a grueling 20 Days performance-based, hands-on exam.

✅ Score at least 80% and become a KLSFP
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The training is designed by the same minds as Kalu Linux, our operating system for the fast-paced millennial.

Hacking or "penetrating" computer security is a growing need in the marketplace. Hacker Computer School can help you acquire and demonstrate these valuable skills to employers. Our courses focus specifically on penetration testing experiments in the real world. We offer certificates that provide proof of your abilities. As with Kalu Linux, our training comes from the same mindset.
About Kalu Linux Certified Penetration Tester Program

The Kalu Linux Security Fighter (KLSFP) program teaches students how to do penetration tests in enterprise environments. Whether you're working on a flat network or live training, we can teach you to take your skills to the next level by taking you through step-by-step tutorials where you'll test IoT systems and OT systems, write exploits, build tools and perform advanced binary exploitation. After completing the KLSFP certification, you will be a Certified Penetration Testing Professional - a comprehensive revision of what is being accepted as "best practices" in PenTesting.

We'll introduce you to the skills needed to conduct white-box web and app penetration testing. In our Advanced Web Attack Exploitation and Advanced Web Application Security Review course, you'll learn evasive techniques and break defenses (KLSFP) in the Advanced Penetration Testing course. This course builds on the knowledge and techniques taught in Kalu Linux penetration tests to show students how to conduct advanced penetration tests in mature organizations with established security capabilities.
Learn how to run kalu linux for pentesting
Certification Process

Once you have completed the course and practiced your skills in our labs, you’re ready to take on the arduous 6-hour pen testing certification exam - a real-world, hands-on penetration test that takes place in our isolated VPN exam network - and become an official Hacker Computer School Certified Professional (KLSFP).   The KLSFP designation is well-known, highly-respected, and increasingly being demanded across the industry.
enroll for klsfp certification
Register for KLSFP Course at least 3 days before you want to start
access klsfp virtual lab
Establish Connection to Virtual Lab
download pentesting tool and files
Progress through course materials. Practice in labs
book your exam
Schedule certification exam within 90 days of completing course
get your klsfp certification
Successfully complete 20 Days exam and earn your certification
Does KLSFP need to be renewed?
Once you're KLSFP certified, it's yours. There are no subscriptions, renewals, dues or other requirements to requalify with A7Sec-Hunters.
Is KLSFP the right certification?
The KLSFP certification validates the technical skills necessary to perform aggressive white hat hacks. For security professionals with an established career in cybersecurity and hands-on hacking experience, KLSFP membership is a great way to showcase their skills and expertise.
Is KLSFP Recognized?
KLSFP is a respected ethical hacking certification offered by A7 Security Hunters, a company that specializes in penetration testing training and certification. A7 Security Hunters offers several certifications, but KLSFP is probably one of the best known.
Can KLSFP get you a job?
Even if you pass, you are unlikely to get a penetration testing job if you only have KLSFP certification. However, becoming a KLSFP is an important entry point into penetration testing, which itself is a highly lucrative and in-demand field of information security.
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